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The Best in Class Pathak Cutting Machines Manufacturer in India

The Pathak Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufactures the best cutting machines manufacturer Kolkata, these machines use a cutting instrument or cutter is any tool that is made use of to get rid of material from the metal/wooden work piece with the help of shear deformation. Cutting can be done by single-point or multi-point tools. The Pathak Cutting Machine Manufacture band saw, hydraulic hacksaw machines, and hand shears and rod cutters. At Pathak Cutting Machine India, they feature the band saw with the effectiveness of cutting wood, metal and other stiff material and give overriding levels of uniformity, anti-corrosion, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance. The band saw meets all industry standards of attributes hence it offers impressive performance with zero inconveniences. The band saw machines have made it very unchallenging to maintain high capacity which is obligatory for many industries’ on goings.

Pathak Cutting Machine Manufacture hacksaw machine which is great for cutting massive segments of metal pieces like iron or steel. When proceeding with work procedure such machines make piece cutting in multitudinous materials of various diameters or thickness. It’s rigid and heavy body improves the longevity of its life, giving more accuracy with worry-free operations. The hand shears and rod cutters made by Pathak Cutting Machine India are for the reason of manual cutting of sturdy sheet metals; it has the ability to cut strips, slit sheet from steel or any irregular shapes from other materials as well. It has refurbished functional facilities and its extensive in operation. This machine provides very good performance and it has a long life of performance with sturdy durability.

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