Scrap Bailing Machine

Pathak Scrap Bailing Machine

Pathak Industries Pvt. Ltd is at the top in manufacturing and designing state-of-the-art and methodical waste administration solutions for scraps varying from scrap plastics, metals scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous) to paper scrap. We provide solutions including both manual and fully automatic Pathak Scrap Bailing Machine.

All sorts of waste steel, aluminum shavings, metal scraps, copper, car shells, etc., are manufactured every day in steel recuperate and processing industries, ferrous and non-ferrous scent industries, the hydraulic metal baler can squeeze every kind of metal residue materials into equipped charging such as cylinder, square, octagon body & other shapes. With the assistance of our specialist, we offer a huge range of Pathak Scrap Bailing Machine India to our clients at rational prices. Our variety is available in different specifications and is noticeably used in various industries. Pathak Scrap Bailing Machine Manufacture makes sure that the range of machines is free from any deficiency and ideal for wide uses.

  • We manufacture Pet Bottle Bailing Press, Double Action Scrap Baling, Double Action 4 Cylinders, and Scrap Bailing Double Action Manual.
  • The machine is available- manual/automatic
  • Bale machine designed on consumer demand honoring their needed production, the weight of bale, and its size.
  • The machine produced by us is easy and unchallenging to operate and grasp with less maintenance and long running time with a great price.

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