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Prime Geared Medium and Heavy Duty Lathe Machines Manufacturers in India

A Lathe Machine’s basic job is to give the desired shapes to different material pieces with the help of various actions like cutting, turning, sanding and grooving, knurling, etc. Pathak lathe machines manufacturer Kolkata avails one with many kinds of lathe machines to rotate the piece on the axis with the machine dock and to perform different operations.

The lathe machine India which is used to create a high amount of pressure and such machines are included in big construction sites as regular lathes do not seem to work well enough there. In order to perform precise work on the Pathak Lathe Machine, there are many factors that each operation requires like the depth, feed of the machine and desired speed. Our machines are made in such a way that you get the best results and achieve the utmost efficiency. Choosing the right lathe machines supplier in Kolkata ensures to save time and efforts as well as money.

The various parts and cutting tools in Pathak Lathe Machine Manufactureres in Howrah, Kolkata are:

    • Bed: This holds the swarfs and clips
    • Stand/legs: This grips machine and elevates the bed
    • Headstock: Holds up the precision bearings as well as the horizontal axle
    • Spindle: It’s the horizontal axle along with interior and exterior threads in order to mount the woodworking pieces
    • Tailstock: It has an in and out sliding non-rotating barrel in relevance to the headstock spindle which is side by side to the bed’s axis
    • Cross-slide: it sits crosswise on the bed and is actually a flat piece.
    • And lot more…


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