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Types of Lathe Machines used in the Industries

Types of Lathe Machines used in the Industries

Technology developments have revolutionized the manufacturing process in industries. Today manufacturing has become less laborious, cost efficient and also a quicker task. Thanks to all the machines which have been invented and are continuously being upgraded with latest technology offering easy manufacturing solutions to the product developers around the world. Things which once seemed to be impossible are now very much possible and that too with great ease, speed and comfort with the help of machines. One such example is a lathe machine. Processes like metals and wood cutting or shaping which were earlier considered to be tough and time consuming applications are now simplified and have also become less laborious with invention of new dynamic computer controlled lathe machineries. Today lathe machine is being used in various industries where metal and wood shaping applications are involved. With parts like headstock, tailstock, spindle, workbench, bed, toolrest etc. this machine works brilliantly to cut hardest substances and shape them to the required shapes or dimensions.

Lathe machine has a noted significance in manufacturing since very olden times. But however the specifications and features of the equipment have been revamped over the time and the machine today has been upgraded to a new format with computer control features allowing cutting and shaping applications to be done automatically. Accuracy and speed of the task is much assured with these CNC machine tools or computer controlled machine tools.

Woodturning, metal working, metal spinning and shaping and glass working are some of the basic applications for which lathe is used in industries. Developing objects that are symmetrical along the axis is main task of this machine. Different forms of lathe machines in different formats and specifications are available today. There are woodworking lathes, metal working lathes and machines used for ornamental turning applications (decorative work on ornaments), glass working and diamond turning. Today there are specialized machines which one may select to suit their quantity of work too. There are light duty lathe machines which are useful for mild works like those in mini tool rooms or for practical applications or demonstrations in educational institutes, colleges and industrial training centres. On the other hand heavy duty lathe machines are the most appropriate machineries for bulk production applications in power plants, steel & paper mills, ship building and automobile industries, mining industries, textile industries etc. Apart from light and heavy duty machines there are equipments designed for medium and extra heavy duty applications too. Most complicated and bulk productions are possible to carry out with these extra heavy duty machines which are usually designed with tight tolerances and top-notch specifications.