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Machine Tools Manufacture & Export in India

Machine Tools Manufacture & Export in India

The machine tools industry in India has been growing at a rapid rate since a past few years. The rapidly developing automotive industry is a major reason behind this boom which happened to come after a stagnant phase witnessed in early 2000. The automotive sector started flourishing with increased investments from global majors across the world who showed interest to outsource manufacturing to India. For this reason the demand for machine tools in India increased in year 2002 and since then has been considerably growing attracting several international brands and companies to India for import of machineries.

At present the Indian machine tools industry is in a state where it is able to export both general and standard forms of machines across the globe. The industrial production in India is witnessing new highs as government is taking steps to support the production rate in the country and laying emphasis on capital investment. There are number of machinery manufacturing units and advanced production facilities to support faster production of high-end machineries with latest technologies.

Today the widely exported forms of machine tools from India are metal cutting and forming machines including grinding machine, lathe, milling, drilling, bending, shaping, cutting, slotting, planing and various other forms of machineries employed in different industries for casting metals to desired shapes and dimensions. These machines are further classified as manual and CNC machine tools. Though with the advent of CNC machines the demand for manually operated machineries is greatly decreased yet there is a considerable demand for manually operated machines and major of this demand comes from small scale production units or industries requiring tools for lower and simple productions.