Vertical Honing Machine

vertical honing machine

Vertical Honing Machine


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 Model  mm/rpm/mtr/kgs  PVH-200
 Max. honing capacity diameter  mm  200
 Max. honing stroke  mm  400
 Min. honing stroke  mm  50
 Max. distance table to spindle nose  mm  1000
 Distance from spindle center to column  mm  380
 Surface of table  mm  1440 x 450
 Table traverse  mm  1700
 Spindle speeds infinitely variable  rpm  50-300
 Reciprocating speeds infinitely variable  mtr  0.16m/min.
 Motor for spindle stroke  kw  1.5 x 1440 RPM
 Motor for Hydraulic  kw  1.5 x 1440 RPM
 Coolant pump motor  kw  0.1 x 2800 RPM
 Net weight (approx.)  kgs.  1500
 Shipping weight  kgs.  2000 kg.