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Centreless Grinders

The Best Known Patak Centerless Grinding Machine in India

The Patak Centerless Grinding Machine is a machining procedure that uses coarse cutting to get rid of material from a work piece. Centerless grinding is unlike from centered grinding processes in that no fixture or spindle is made use of to position and secure the work piece; the material is well secured between 2 rotational grinding wheels, and their speed of rotation is respective to each other regulates the rate at which material is separated from the work piece.

In Patak Centerless Grinding Machine India, the work piece is clutched between two wheels, revolving in the same direction at contrasting speeds, and a work holding platform. One of the wheels is called the grinding wheel, it is on an anchored axis and it rotates in such a way that the force asserted on the work piece is lead downward, opposed to the work holding platform. By having an elevated tangential speed compared to the work piece at the point of connection, this is how the wheel generally performs the grinding action. The other wheel, in the Patak Centerless Grinding Machine Manufacture, is known as the controlling wheel, it is movable. This wheel is placed to put lateral pressure on the work piece and mainly it has likewise a rubber-bonded or a very rough grinding to catch the work piece.

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Centreless Grinders


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 MODEL  AMI- 1  AMI- 2  AMI- 3
 Maximum Grinding Diameter  75 mm  75 mm  125 mm
 Minimum Grinding Diameter  Min.  1 mm  1.5 mm
 Maxi. included angle for taperwork (Without using forming attachment)  5 deg.  5 deg.  5 deg.
 Speed of grinding wheel R. P M.  1600  1800  1250
 Number of speeds of Control wheel  3  3  3
 Diameter of grinding wheel  350 mm  350 mm  350 mm
 Maximum Width of grinding wheel  100 mm  100 mm  150 mm
 Diameter of hole in grinding wheel  125 mm  150 mm  300 mm
 Diameter of control wheel  230 mm  230 mm  300 mm
 Maximum width of control wheel  100 mm  100 mm  150 mm
 Diameter of hole in grinding wheel  75 mm  75 mm  125 mm
 H.P. of motor for wheel head  5 H. P.  7.5 H. P.  15 H. P .
 H.P. of motor for control wheel  3/4 H.P.  10 H. P.  2 H. P.
 Speed of motors RPM  1440  1440  1440
 Floore space for machine  30″ X 40″  30″ X 40″  43″ X 65″
 Approximate weight  1600 Kgs.  1650 Kgs.  2600 Kgs.
  • One Grinding Wheel
  • One Regulating Wheel
  • Two Truing Devices
  • Coolant Pump with Tank
  • Grinding Wheel Puller
  • Grinding Wheel Pulley Pulle
  • Grinding Wheel & Regulating Wheel Nut Spanner
  • Work Rest Blade for Through Grinding
  • Splash Guards
  • Allen Keys and Spanners Set
  • Hand Pump Lubrication for slides
  • Machine Lamp
  • Wheel Balancing Stand with Arbour
  • Additional Wheel Flange
  • Additional Work Rest Blade
  • Magnetic Coolant Separator
  • AC variable speed Motor for Regulating Wheel
  • Gearless Hydraulic Motor for Regulating Wheel
  • Auto InfeedGrinding
  • Auto Ejector/Lifter for infeedgrinding
  • BimetalicBush Bearing for Grinding Wheel Head
  • Bar Feeder for long Bars Grinding
  • Vibratory Feeder
  • Automatic Feeder for through-feed Grinding
  • Anti-Vibration Pads
  • Automatic Balancing of Grinding Wheel