MAB 465 Price Economical Magnetic Drilling Tapping Machine


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Core Drilling 40 mm
Cutting Depth 55 mm
Twist Drilling 18 mm
Tapping M16
Countersink 40 mm
Reaming 18 mm
Motor Output 1150 watts
Stroke 160 mm
Magnet Size 84 x 168 x 41.5 mm
Magnet Power 10400 N
Weight 13 Kg.
Morse Taper 19 mm Weldon
Speed Gears x
Speed 1 2
Advantages Direct arbor, Grease gearbox, Integrated cooling tank, Internal cabling, Magnet indicator, Reversible motor
Includes 1 Attached cooling tank, 1 Hard protective case, 1 offset screwdriver, 1 Operating manual, 1 Safety chain, 2 ejector pin


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