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The Widest Variety of Pathak Workshop Accessories

Here at Pathak Industries Pvt. Ltd., we have the best Pathak Workshop Accessories which are well known for their durability, amazing quality, and long lifespan. Pathak Workshop Accessories Manufacture angular machine vice, digital readout machine, 4 jaw dog chuck, 3 Jaw Self Centering Chuck (Chuck True), dividing head, electric coolant pump, electric motor, machine lamp, Milling Machine Vice – Plain Base, rack cutting attachment, revolving center, slotting attachment, stroke counter, taper turning attachment, tilting table and tool post grinder.

With an accumulation of workshop accessories – despite the development employments or for around the DIY house ventures – it’s the top requirement to ensure the most of your devices are in the best shape possible and are dealt with. Accessories don’t come at a scruffy cost, so permissible consideration is elemental with the ultimate goal for them to keep going for quite a while. Tragically, after much usage, wear, tear, and rusting of accessories will vaguely occur. Fortunately, at Pathak Workshop Accessories India, we sell an immense mixture of workshop accessories that are explicit to cleaning and initiating needs. From waxes, shines, rust removers, to spreads, racks, and then some, we have a lot of items that are meant to keep your high caliber, costly devices in prime condition lasting through the year.

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